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Security Training Services

Armed Security Training

As our world becomes more litigious and violent, many armed security providers are investing in enhanced firearms and tactics training as a liability management function that’s also intended to increase the safety of their employees and clients.

To accomplish those objectives security providers must ensure that the trainers they hire are qualified and possess the background, expertise and logistics to provide this service. Although many training providers exist, very few truly possess the experience necessary to increase the odds of your employees winning the fight on the street and in the courtrooms (criminal and civil). If your employee fails at either, your organization could be held liable for the training that was provided or failed to provide.

CMI is one of the nation’s leading law enforcement firearms and tactics training providers. We were pioneers in advocating and conducting patrol rifle and active shooter training long before these disciplines were accepted by the law enforcement profession. Our students have used our battle proven training methods to reduce multiple threats in order to save lives. We proudly credit our reputation and industry longevity to the success of our students.

For those reasons, private security firms have been turning to CMI to provide these services based upon our reputation and 20 years of experience specializing in firearms, tactics and risk mitigation training. Our training programs place major emphasis on academics, firearm fundamentals, tactics, case law, and organizational liability reduction methods. Our goal is to impart relevant skills and information that can save lives and reduce organizational liability.

CMI offers your armed security firm a one stop shop for all your equipment and training needs;

We make the process of providing training an extremely easy task for our clients;

  • Simply tell us what your expectation is

  • Schedule the date and location (our facility or yours)

  • We do the rest

All training programs are customized to meet the expectation of our clients. As an example, these two links illustrate two of our most popular armed security training programs;

  • NEW HIRE FIREARMS TRAINING:This four (4) hour program gives security firms great flexibility in scheduling new hires for training on very short notice. In addition, your new hires receive uniformed firearms’ training that culminates in shooting the same qualification standard that Michigan’s active duty law enforcement officers must pass. Although the possibility exists that your new hire may not pass the qualification course of fire, it is remote. Our instructors are extremely talented and accomplish what takes dozens of hours for police academies to teach cadets, in four (4) hours of quality training with your new hires. We believe our training process and using this standard gives our clients training and risk mitigation efforts a level of credibility and validity if you’re your practices are ever called into question.

  • PLACE OF WORSHIP FIREARMS DEVELOPMENT AND ACTIVE SHOOTER WORKSHOP: This three (3) hour program combines a one (1) hour active shooter seminar and two (2) hours of fundamental handgun training.

  • The seminar provides armed church security teams with information that can help deter, identify and respond to violence, including methods that will assist with the eventual response of law enforcement.

  • The firearms’ training includes a review of safety related issues, basic marksmanship, reloading, clearing a malfunction and drawing from the holster. It culminates in live-fire engagements using our training simulator that require the student to use the proper judgment in the use of deadly force (shoot /don’t shoot) while engaging moving threats amongst innocent persons fleeing from active shooters.

Security clients are also welcome to choose from any of our ongoing commercial handgun training programs by sending employees on the dates we have scheduled, or you can schedule a separate date and time just for your employees. 

Finally, CMI is happy to travel to your facility. To start the process of hosting CMI at your location please click this link