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One(1) Hour Carbine Positional Shooting January 16, 2018

DESCRIPTION: This one hour class gives instruction on the various carbine shooting positions (prone, seated, kneeling and standing CQB). It culminates with static live-fire drills that allow the student to hone their skills in each position.

The student receives a certificate of training.

  • COST: $34.99 (include range fee and targets)

  • PREREQUISITE: Must possess a valid CPL

  • EQUIPMENT: Carbine, 60 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection

  • 10 Students maximum

Event Details

Date January 16
Time 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Instructor Felts
Price $34.99
CMI Approved
33825 Plymouth Rd.
Livonia MI 48150
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