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One (1) Hour Basic Rifle Marksmanship & Maintenance January 30, 2018

DESCRPITION: This one hour class gives instruction on safety fundamentals, how to hold the rifle, use of the sights and proper trigger squeeze. It covers how to break the carbine down, conduct maintenance, put it back together, conduct a function check, and properly stowing the carbine. It includes static live-fire familiarization drills and a cleaning session.

The student receives a certificate of training.

  • COST: $34.99 (include range fee and targets)

  • PREREQUISITE: Must possess a valid CPL

  • EQUIPMENT: Carbine, 40 rounds of ammunition and cleaning gear (solvent, rod, brush, patches), eye and hearing protection

  • 10 Students maximum

Event Details

Date January 30 - March 30, 2018
Time 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Instructor Felts
Price $34.99
CMI Approved
33825 Plymouth Rd.
Livonia MI 48150
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