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Laser Engraving Services

CMI Laser Engraving Services

CMI offers state-of-the-art CO2 surface etching and fiber-optic metal engraving. This capability allows us to etch and engrave many materials including wood, glass, stone, leather, plastic, and metal (coated and uncoated), to name a few. Our laser engraves with extremely fine detail to produce smooth edges and a high quality result.

Our laser services come in two options;

  1. Stock products; include our proprietary logos and other designs which can be purchased at our Livonia MI location or from our online store. 

  2. Custom laser services; etch or engrave whatever designs you want onto an item. The item can be something you buy from us (excluding firearms) or something you’ve had in your basement for 30 years (including firearms). Examples include your name, badge number, department name, department badge or patch image, military service emblem or second amendment designs.  

  • Our staff will work diligently with you to develop completely unique customized art and designs. If you can imagine it, we can etch or engrave it into reality!!! 

Samples of customized metal objects

Glock 43 w/SWAT Insignia & nickname / Sword w/dept. badge, honoree name & SWAT Insignia

Custom metal engraving

Samples of customized other objects & materials

Wood, tile, plastic, metal and glass objects (we can also engrave into leather)

Custom engraving

Laser engraving


To start the custom laser etching or engraving process please follow these steps:

  1. Complete our Custom Laser Services Request form and return it in person, by email to or fax it to us at 734-425-2216 along with any images or concept sketches that you want included in your custom design. The more detail you give us now regarding your vision for the design allows us to give you a more accurate cost/time estimate and can save you money in art/design fees.  

  2. Upon our receipt of the request form, we will contact you with an initial cost estimate and an estimated project completion date. This estimate includes TWO billed art/design changes (If only one art/design proof is used you will only be charged for one). Each art/design proof change is added to the projects final cost as defined below in the Custom Art/Design Pricing schedule. 

  3. If the estimated cost and completion date are satisfactory to you, CMI will proceed in processing your project upon receipt of a fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit. 

  4. CMI will then procure the item if needed (plaque, gun accessory, ect...). Note; ATF regulations prohibit CMI from lasering a new firearm that CMI has procured for you before it has been transfered to you (the customer's ownership). However, after the firearm is transferred to the customer, CMI is then authorized to laser etch or engrave it for you.   

  5. If you already possess/own the item you want lasered, you can either drop it off or ship it to us via the carrier of your choice (at your expense) along with a copy of your completed Custom Laser Service Request form. The additional copy of the form is so we know who own's the item and for production tracking / control.     

  6. Upon CMI's receipt of the item, we will then begin refining the development of your custom art/design. Proofs of the art/design will be emailed to you. Art and design pricing are outlined below in the Custom Art/Design Pricing schedule. Once you are satisfied with the art/design, we will laser etch or engrave it onto your item and return it to you via the carrier of our choice at the cost outlined below in the Custom Order Shipping Price Schedule. Our normal turn around time is 5 to 15 business days. Production time starts after a final proof has been signed off by the customer and is received by CMI.

  7. RUSH SERVICE is availabe at cost plus a half (x1.5) for 3-5 business days or double the cost (x2) for 1-2  business day service (applies to all art work / design, set-up, laser and shipping costs).


CMI is happy to provide art and design services. Please make sure you have a clear vision for your design and that it is articulated to our Art Department to keep your art and design costs down. We will send you a proof of any art or design that we create on your behalf. Pay special attention to the spelling of every word in your proofs as what you authorized will be lasered onto your item(s). Each change, alteration or adjustmnent you make to your art or design requires a new proof for your review / authorization and is charged as outlined below. We will require that you sign off on the final art design before we will proceed with your project.

The pricing for art / design proofs is related to the number of iterations of the art / design we create for you. For example, you choose stock art, but want custom text in the design. The first proof cost $25, but you alter the text in the design two additional times until it meets your satisfaction. Your art cost is $75. 

Any art or design created by CMI becomes the exclusive intellectual property of CMI unless its assigned to the customer.   

Customer artwork submission: Please send your art work in a Vector Format. All other files i.e. Jpeg, PNG, Gif, ect... require conversion and you will be billed accordingly. Please review Specifications for Custom Laser Engraving Artwork.pdf file for additional details.

Custom Text Fee: Applies to jobs where text only (no images) are etched/engraved on an item(s) . Example; you want your magazines numbered. 

$10 for each proof
Art Conversion Fee: Applies when no alteration(s) are requested for a stand alone image sent to us in an unacceptable format. Example; you send us a jpeg of of your comapny logo for lasering onto your gun. The jpeg must be converted to a Vector format.  

$15 for each proof

Stock Art Fee: For images we have on file in Vector format. Please see our stock image gallery. Please indicate the image number on your Custom Laser Service Request form. Example; you want our SWAT Operator Insignia on your gun.
$20 for each proof

Stock Art + Custom Text Fee: Please indicate the stock image number on your Custom Laser Service Request form and the custom text you want to accompany the stock image. Example; you want our stock TPO insignia and your name on an ammo can. 
$25 for each proof
Custom Art Fee: For completely new or unique images that we do not have on file in a Vector format. Generally, this applies when a sketch is sent in and needs to be converted to art work or a stand- alone image is sent as a guideline, but alterations are requested to the image. Example; you send us an image of a 2A logo, but you want something within the image changed.
$30 for each proof

Custom Art + Custom Text Fee: For completely new or unique designs that include customized art (image), multiple images and custom text. Example; you provide a 2A logo image along with your company logo image and specific custom text for engraving onto a plaque.    
$35 for each proof


Hold harmless and indemnification: The customer accepts all responsibility for ensuring they possess the legal right to authorize CMI to reproduce any design. Should CMI be challenged for infringing on the intellectual property of a third party based on a customer’s design, the customer agrees to accept all liability and to defend CMI. 


The coloration result of laser etching or engraving varies from item to item and therefore is not always uniform or guaranteed. This is due to the varying composition and surface finishes that items can have, as well as their reaction to the laser itself. 


Setup Fee: This fee is charged with every location on the item being laser etched or engraved.  Quantity discounts apply for multiples of 10 or more of the same art/design on the exact same item type.  
$15 each item/location

CO2 Laser Fee: Engraves into most items, but only etches the surface coating on metal items (many guns are etched using this method). Used on all plaque projects. Quantity discounts apply for multiples of 10 or more of the same art/design on the exact same item type.
$30 each item

Fiber Optic Laser Fee: Engraves into metal to the ATF standard of .003 depth (the thickness of a standard piece of paper). Used on certain plastics to achieve contrast that the CO2 laser cannot provide. Quantity discounts apply for multiples of 10 or more of the same art/design on the exact same item type.
$40 each item

CMI reserves the right to mandate a certain laser use (CO2 or Fiber Optic) on certain items due to the materials being etched or engraved upon.

CMI reserves the right to reject or cancel any project at our sole discretion.

Finished projects may be photographed and used by CMI for display and promotion unless otherwise specified in writing at the time the customer submits the Custom Laser Service Request form. 


CMI is a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) Dealer. As such, you can ship your firearm(s) DIRECTLY to us (at your expense) for laser services and we can ship them DIRECTLY back to you (see pricing below) upon completion avoiding costly inbound and outbound FFL transfer fees.  

When shipping a firearm to Center Mass, Inc., you are required to adhere to all applicable local, regional, state, and federal laws or restrictions and abide by all carrier regulations. 

NOTE: If you are shipping a handgun to CMI for laser services we require a copy of its registration in your state, as well as a copy of your current driver's license or state identification. We will have to ship your handgun back to you, at your expense, if these documents do accompany your handgun.

Shipping item(s) back to the customer
Handling Fee
added insurance
Handgun (must be sent two-day service)
At customer direction
At customer direction
Shipping of most small parts
At customer direction
Shipping of other large/bulky items
At customer direction


All firearm shipments from CMI to the customer will require an adult signature.   

Customer's assume responsibility for shipments after the shipment leaves CMI’s facility. We ship via best way possible, FOB our dock (Livoina MI). Insurance is available at the customer’s request and expense.

As a condition of CMI’s laser services the customer agrees that CMI has no responsibility for lost or damaged shipments. Any claims for a lost or damaged shipment must be made to the carrier.