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Shooting Leagues


41 nights - 31 people - Thousands of Rounds.

Another Successful Season. Dave Wattles has amassed the lowest point total which makes Dave the season winner -2nd season in a row.

Event 10 is simulator night. It is not scored but challenging as real life shoot not shoot scenarios are presented to the participant.


Why join a league? Because it's fun and it's one of the best ways to improve your firearms skills. Call CMI at 800-794-1216 or email at to get on the list! 

Space is limited so get signed up ASAP to ensure you get a slot!!! Click here for the registration form.


  • Must be present on the initial league night at 6:30 to pay and to ensure your spot in the league or go to Center Mass and pay in advance. The initial night will be used to pair people on one of the four league nights but is not included in the 10 event count. Bring your equipment and ammo.
  • You must have your CPL
  • You must have been a previous League Member OR you must show that you have had holstering training. If you have not been in the League previously or have not had holstering training, holstering training will be provided during the month of October in two sessions for an additional to be administered by Center Mass and a certified Center Mass Trainer. You must sign up at Center Mass.
  • You must have your own carry gun (centerfire only), mag holder, two mags. No optics.
  • Cost is TBD ($200 total - $160 to Center Mass (payable at Center Mass following the Center Mass payment guidelines) and $40 cash to me (for targets and supplies) Last Years' cost). This can be paid to me on the initial night (or before the first league night). There are no refunds.
  • There are 10 events, one during October, one during November and one during December then one every other week for 7 events.
  • Depending on scheduling, the league usually runs until the first or second week of April.
  • Leagues will be Monday or Wednesday night every other week. This means that there are 4 leagues depending upon the amount of participants.
  • Monday Odd, Wednesday Odd, Monday Even, Wednesday Even.

This season, I would like to train one or two League members to facilitate League nights should I not be present. Incentive for this is free range time at Center Mass (amount TBD).

Please pass this on to anyone who is interested or to whom I may have missed.

Let's stay safe, learn, practice and have fun!



Well, this is the end of our 5th season. 30 people,10 events and thousands of rounds. We did some shooting while sitting, kneeling, and from the waist, not to mention numerous other scenarios.

Dave Wattles was the overall point champion (the lowest total wins) but we all learned several items that are invaluable training tools. REMEMBER TO TRAIN - TRAIN - TRAIN.

For the next season, we will evaluate the number of people, the nights available and develop a plan accordingly.

Thank you for another successful season. Here's to many more.


This is an "in front of the bench" league. COFs (course of fire) are based upon skills you may use in a defensive pistol encounter. You will be drawing from the holster, moving laterally, forward and in reverse. You will shoot with a two handed grip and one handed grips both dominant and non-dominant, and engage targets from behind barriers and around barriers. There will be decision based encounters as well. You will practice managing failures and multiple magazine changes. In addition, there will be a reality based simulation night.

Each time we meet there is a different COF. Each participant shoots, rotating thru the shooters that are assigned to that night. Scoring is based upon time and faults (there is a 5 second addition for each miss). The objective is to achieve the lowest score.

You must have your CPL. Your equipment must be what you use to carry. Centerfire only, no optics, no lasers, no lights. Use concealment. A holster is required. Please ensure you have eye and ear protection and multiple magazines.

Here are a couple league event videos from previous years.


Dominant and Non Dominant Shooting:

This first video clip is a league event that emphasizes dominant hand and non dominant hand shooting, a magazine change behind cover and shooting from behind cover. As always, these are techniques that we learn from a defensive standpoint.


Falure Night:

This video clip is a league event that emphasizes reactions to failures to fire, a magazine change behind cover and shooting from behind cover. Another participant loads your magazines with 3 snap caps (dummy rounds) within the 10 rounds and 2 mags. The location of these are unknown to the participant.


  • ALL RANGE RULES APPLY. RANGE DECISIONS ARE FINAL. At no time will there be ammunition or magazines near your firearm unless you are at the firing line and the event coordinator calls for your firearm to be hot. All firearms will remain unloaded, magazines removed, and tabled with actions open. Munitions and magazines/loaders will remain at the bench. Your empty, action opened, magazine - less firearm will remain tabled until it is your turn to approach the firing line. At all times, your muzzle must be pointed down range and in a safe direction. Your finger must remain off the trigger until you are on target. Your firearm will remain unloaded until you are given the command "make it hot" by the coordinator. You must remain at the benches unless you are working the timer or it is your turn at the firing line until the all clear is given by the person keeping time. Upon completion of your cycle, you must show that your firearm is unloaded, your empty magazines are removed, your action is open and your firearm is holstered then tabled. At this time, the event coordinator will call the “all clear”.

Please be a little early to set up and stick around to clean up.

Click on the red "hot links" below to see the schedule and the current scores!


League Standings