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Shooting Leagues

2018/2019 CMI Shooting League Kick off and Sign Up night is MONDAY 10/22 - 6:30-7:30.

You must sign up, sign a waiver,and pay to reserve your spot. You do not have to hang around.

To join the league, you must have a valid CPL or have previously been a CMI league participant.

CMI is harvesting the ranges that week so if you want to shoot on 10/22, it will be on your own. It is not mandatory.

I have many new COFs. Challenge night, First Aid night, among others. As always, be a little early, help to clean up. Practice as if everything depends on you, treat everyone as if everything depends on them, BE SAFE, and HAVE FUN.

Here are the League particulars:

$225 each - $175 to CMI Directly - $50 to me (Cash or Check)

Payment on or before the first night (10/22 or if a spot is still available your first night).

There are no refunds.

10 Sessions Starts at 6:15 - Ends at 7:45 - 1 1/2 Hour sessions. Must be prompt.

9 people max per group unless all in the group agree to deviate.

No Optics, centerfire only, at least two mags, eye and ear protection, holster. You must also have and utilize a covergarment this year.




This is an "in front of the bench" league. COFs (course of fires) are based upon skills you may use in a defensive pistol encounter. You will be drawing from the holster, moving laterally, forward and in reverse. You will shoot with a two handed grip and one handed grips both dominant and non-dominant, and engage targets from behind barriers and around barriers. There will be decision based encounters as well. You will practice managing failures and multiple magazine changes.

Each time we meet there is a different COF. Each participant shoots, rotating thru the shooters that are assigned to that night. Scoring is based upon time and faults (there is a 5 second addition for each miss). The objective is to practice and hone yor skills while achieving the lowest score. Scores will be posted after all the groups complete the designated event.


Why join a league? Because it's fun and it's one of the best ways to improve your firearms skills. Call CMI at 800-794-1216 or email at to get on the list! 

Space is limited so get signed up ASAP to ensure you get a slot!!!

 Click here for the registration form.Please pass this on to anyone who is interested or to whom I may have missed.

Let's stay safe, learn, practice and have fun!


Click on the red "hot links"below to see the current scores!