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Indoor Shooting Range


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Gun range

We offer two separate 5-lane gun ranges. 

Each of our 10 lanes is available for rent on a first come, first served basis. 

Our facility is meticulously maintained to ensure your comfort and safety.

Our staff is friendly & dedicated to helping you enjoy your time here at Center Mass.

Special or corporate events are welcome and should be planned at least two weeks in advance with our General Manager, Charlie Kubinski 

Range Features

CMI Shooting Range

  • 4-foot wide shooting booths.

  • State of the art ventilation. 

  • 20-yard maximum distance with automated target retrievers.

  • Handgun, Shotgun / Rifle up to 300 Win Mag welcome.

  • Electronic range waiver and check-in system. 

  • You can bring your own ammunition (subject to inspection). Click here for the range rules & ammo restrictions. 


Range Rental Rates

All lane rentals include one free target.

 Eye and hearing protection is $0.75 each if you don'y have your own.

Handgun Rates

- 1/2 hour handgun: $11

- 1 hour handgun: $16

- Second handgun shooter per lane: $8

Shotgun / Rifle Rates

- 1/2 hour shotgun / rifle: $15

- 1 hour shotgun / rifle: $25

- Second shotgun / rifle shooter per lane: $11

Range Discounts

  • On Mondays, LADIES get 50% off range time and a second shooter for only $5.00!

  • Two For Tuesday Special: Two shooters, two lanes, for the price of one!

  • Get a FREE 1/2 hour of RANGE TIME on your birthday!

  • Seniors 60 & older: 10% off

  • Veterans & Union members: 15% off

  • Reserve LE & Military: 20% off

  • Active Duty LE, FD & Military: 30% off

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