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Our civilian firearms training academy encompasses a wide range of offerings, such as general safety and familiarization, concealed carry certification (CPL) and advanced firearms courses. 

With the exception of our CPL class, familiarization programs, and certain private lessons, all students registering for any other CMI firearms training must possess a valid CPL. 

At CMI, all of our advanced courses are focused on honing judgment in the use of deadly force and sharpening gun fighting skill sets. Our instructional staff uses their vast knowledge base and law enforcement/military experiences to teach our students various skills and tactics relevant to real world deadly force encounters. CMI is the exclusive training provider where students have the opportunity to conduct live-fire interactive training evolutions using a firearms training simulator where life sized scenarios play out in-front of the student, who must then use the proper judgment (shoot / don't shoot), not to mention being accurate if it is a deadly force encounter, using their own gun and their own live ammunition.

We believe that target shooting and concealed weapons permit classes are fine fundamental development courses. However, they do not teach the dynamics of the real world gun fight. Those dynamics include movement, judgment and the proper mindset. At CMI, we attempt to teach these dynamics to some extent in nearly every course we offer. To accomplish this we use academics, realistic evolutions of fire, and state-of-the-art technology. 

As we see it, virtually anybody can learn how to accurately fire a gun. The difference that CMI students who attend our advanced courses have is that he/she can do so while under pressure using the proper judgment (when to shoot) during a deadly force encounter. That is what sets CMI students apart from their peers. We believe that many concealed weapon permit holders and shooting enthusiasts want this type of training. After attending our courses, concealed weapon permit holders and shooting enthusiasts will have made themselves, their families, and the public much safer in the unfortunate event that they must use their firearm in the protection of someone’s life. It’s one thing to carry a firearm, but it’s a completely different story to be able to effectively fight with that weapon, and that’s what differentiates our training, and gives you the competitive edge over any adversary.