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Firearms Training Academy

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Our firearms training includes a wide range of offerings that include private lessons that focus on general safety and marksmanship, concealed carry certification (CPL), advanced firearms courses and even shooting leagues.

We offer a series of ongoing one hour basic skill level classes for pistol and carbine known as our one (1) hour quick-hit classes. They generally focus on one main skill such as drawing from the holster, clearing malfunctions, reloading, low light engagements, moving targets and our highly sought after interactive live fire simulator. These courses are always on our training schedule and class sizes are limited so register early to get in. In addition, don’t miss our seasonal breakfast club class that runs on Tuesday mornings from 6am to 7am for six consecutive weeks!

All of our advanced courses are focused on improving your current skill sets. Our instructional staff uses their vast law enforcement / military experiences to teach our students various skills and tactics relevant to real world deadly force encounters. Check our Defensive Handgun 1, 2 or 3 classes run for six consecutive Tuesday evening from 6p to 9p. Again, class size is limited so register quickly to get a seat.

Our advanced shooting school students also get the opportunity to conduct live-fire interactive training evolutions using our firearms training simulator that projects scenarios down range forcing the student to use the proper judgment (shoot / don't shoot) on life sized, moving human images using their own gun and their own live ammunition. Additionally, we use a variety of targets that we have developed to hone our student’s accuracy skill level, and anyone who has trained with us can tell you our philosophy of, YOU CANNOT MISS.

As we see it, virtually anybody can learn how to fire a gun. The difference that CMI students have is that he/she can accurately do so while under pressure using the proper judgment (when to shoot) during a deadly force encounter. That is what sets CMI students apart from their peers. It’s one thing to carry a firearm and shoot bullseyes, but it’s a completely different story to be able to effectively fight with that weapon and that’s what differentiates our training and gives you the competitive edge over an adversary.

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of our CPL class and private lessons, all students registering for any other CMI firearms training MUST possess a valid CPL.



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