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FFL Transfers / Used Gun Purchasing / Consignment Sales

FFL Transfer

M-F: 10:00a to 8:00p / Sat & Sun: 10:00a to 6:00p

Our FFL Transfer fee is only $34.95Gun transfer

Click here for our FFL Transfer form.

To have a firearm shipped to CMI, please fill out the FFL Transfer Form. Once the form is completed, save it to your computer. Then attach it in an email and send it to, or you can fax it (Attn: Charlie) to 734.425.2216.  We will contact you to confirm that we have received your email or fax when we process your request.

  • Center Mass will only accept the firearm transfer. No additional merchandise or accessories will be accepted at this location.

  • A gun lock is required for each gun being transferred. If your transfer does not come with a lock, you may provide your own or purchase one from Center Mass.

  • All transfers must be shipped from a Federal Firearms License Dealer (FFL)

  • All firearms being shipped must be shipped Adult Signature Required.

  • For more info contact our FFL transfer specialist Charlie Kubinski at 734-425-2195, ext. 206.

Outbound FFL Transfer Service

We are pleased to announce the pairing of our inbound FFL transfer service with our NEW outbound FFL transfer service. You can now send a firearm to a loved one, friend, or buyer who lives in another state (except California) or Michigan region… yup, Yoopers too!

Here are the rules:

  • You must determine that it is legal for the recipient to own the firearm… its the responsibility of you and the recipient to ensure the legality of shipping the weapon for final disposition in that state.

  • You must provide a picture ID with current address information.

  • Proof of ownership is required for any handguns being shipped. A Michigan Pistol Sales Record will do nicely. In addition, we will only accept the firearm from the owner of the firearm in person. Firearms cannot be delivered to CMI by a shipping service or a third party

  • Encase the firearm in a suitable shipping container. For example, original cases, hard cases, or soft cases are acceptable. Other non-original cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, gun socks, and towels are not.

  • Provide an appropriate firearm lock with the shipment, or purchase one from CMI for inclusion in the shipment. Please include only original items that came with the firearm. Extra magazines, holsters, or other items cannot be shipped with the firearm.

  • Firearms will only be shipped to a current Federal Firearms License Dealer (FFL).

Click here for our Outbound FFL Transfer form. Complete and return it to us. Forms are also available in our store.

That’s it! The cost is the same $34.95 transfer fee per firearm as inbound FFL transfers, plus a $44.99 shipping and handling fee per firearm. Additional shipping insurance can be added, but is not required.


CMI offers its customers the highest value in the region for used guns. In addition, we use an independent valuation method to make sure you get the best deal possible. Turn your used gun into cash today!

CMI only buys used guns that are in demand by our customers. CMI serves the self defense firearms market. Therefore, we are not interested in antique or hunting related firearms. If its a self defense related firearm, we are the place to bring it!


The best value you can get for your used gun is to sell it to another private buyer directly.

When you bring your used gun to your local gun shop, it should not be a shock when their offer is less than that what you paid for it and far less than what you want to sell it for. This is because the gun shop will not pay you the same amount for a used gun, or even close to the same amount, that the shop can buy the same gun for brand new.

At CMI we try to give you more value whenever possible. Our staff will inspect your used gun and assess its condition. If it is in good condition our staff checks an independent used gun “blue book” source to make you an offer. They even share the source with you so you can see why they are making the offer at a particular price point. The best part of selling your used gun to CMI is that you get access to the same independent resource we use to value your gun. There are no unknowns and you won’t feel like you were taken advantage of in the process. It is our goal to educate you so that when you leave, you completely understand and even appreciate how we valued your used gun and your business.

If you need cash quick, then selling your used gun to a gun shop makes sense. Otherwise, sell it privately, or put it on consignment with your local gun shop to get the maximum value possible.


($65.00 flat fee when your used gun sells)

CMI sets the selling price for all consignments using the “blue book” value. This ensures that the consignor and the retail customer are getting fair value pricing. When your gun sells, we take a $65.00 flat fee and mail you the balance. For example, if the “blue book” says your gun is worth $400.00, CMI will list it and sell it for $400.00. When it sells, CMI takes a $65.00 flat fee and sends you a check for $335.00. If the “blue book” says your gun is worth $5,000.00, when it sells CMI only takes a $65.00 flat fee.

Placing your used gun on consignment enables you to make significantly more money than if you would have sold it directly to a gun shop. This is where CMI does all the work for you so you don't have to worry about marketing, phone calls, emails, showing the gun to people you don’t know, and all the paper work associated with the eventual sale of your used gun. The only downside is that you don't get paid until the gun sells to a third party. However, because CMI lists your used gun at the fair “blue book” market price, it will only take a few weeks to be sold. We make it easy, and we will get you fair market value for your gun.

Harness the power of CMI and let us sell your gun for you!