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Defensive Handgun Skills 1, Thursday's, March 14 - April 11, 2019

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$349.00 / Does NOT include ammunition.


This course sets a foundation that is rock solid. Its all about mastering the fundamentals. Unfortunately, many shooters overlook how important the basics really are and move to quickly into more advanced training (cool guy stuff) long before their basic skills have been honed. If your shooting ability is not fundamentally sound to begin with, how in the world does one think they could ever hit a threat under immense life and death stress? The answer is they won't, unless they get lucky. A wise old gunfighter once said "you can't miss fast enough" and we could not agree more. You simply cannot afford to miss, EVER! In this class the goal is to hit your intended target with every shot you fire, and that can only be done if your shooting foundation is rock solid. 


Students will master a thumbs forward grip, grip pressures, presentation, tension and stance. A review of the use of the sights will be given and major emphasis is placed on mastering a perfect trigger press with every round fired so as not to disturb the sights before the bullet leaves the gun. Various training evolutions will occur during each session that build upon each other, from pure marksmanship (one and two handed) at various distances, to multiple adversaries, to basic weapon manipulation such as reloads, clearing malfunctions and drawing from the holster.   

  • EQUIPMENT: Your carry handgun (pistol or revolver), quality holster and belt, at least one method of reloading (extra magazine or speed loader), 750 rounds of handgun ammunition (150 rounds a session), long pants, long sleeve shirt with a high collar, ball cap, eye and ear protection.
  • 10 students maximum.

Event Details

Date March 14 - April 11, 2018
Time 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Instructor Brian Wojcik
Price $349.00
33825 Plymouth Rd
Livonia, MI 48150
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