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Defensive Handgun Skills 3 Seminar, Thursday's Starting Jan. 31 to Feb. 28, 2019

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Space is limited to 10 students

PREREQUISITE – Student must have a CPL and MUST have attended Defensive Handgun 1 and Defensive Handgun 2 from Center Mass. This seminar will be 15 hours and will run 5 weeks at 3 hours a session. The sessions will be on the same night every week. No refunds for cancellations within 5 days. Rescheduling within 5 days is permitted with a $25.00 fee.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course combines the skills that you have learned in Defensive Handgun 1 (static level - basics) and Defensive Handgun 2 (dynamic level - advanced), into the world of reality (the interactive level).

Students will be subjected to numerous shoot/don’t shoot scenario based situations using marking cartridges and role players during force on force encounters. In addition, students will use our live-fire training simulator that projects scenarios down range while using their own gun, ammo, accuracy and judgement. These two proven teaching methods provide invaluable experience and insight that cannot be learned through academics alone.

• Reading cues that often precede violence and then reacting accordingly
   to avoid or fight
• Use of verbalization when it’s appropriate
• The moving human adversary
• Applying the law as it relates to the use, non-use or cessation of deadly
force in compressed time frames while under immense levels of stress
• Post shooting reactions and responsibilities

Scenarios will take place in day light and low light conditions with single and multiple adversaries. They include, but are not limited to; party store / gas station robbery, carjacking, B&E of the home, and active shooter situations.

EQUIPMENT: Your carry handgun (pistol or revolver), quality holster and belt, at least one method of reloading, handheld flashlight or weapon mounted flashlight, 300 rounds of handgun ammunition, long pants, long sleeve shirt with a high collar, cup for men, thin gloves (with fingers), ball cap, eye and ear protection.

• CMI will provide the following equipment: Marking cartridge handguns, marking cartridge munitions and marking cartridge safety gear (If you have paint ball or airsoft safety equipment please bring it).

WARNING: The marking cartridges may sting, bruise, cut or otherwise hurt you upon impact. In addition, the force on force portions of this course requires a reasonable amount of agility. Therefore, students with foot, ankle, knee, leg, arm, hand or heart conditions should consider this before registering.

INSTRUCTOR: CMI instructors are current or retired law enforcement officers. 

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Date January 31 - February 28, 2019
Time 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Instructor Brian Wojcik
Price $399.00
33825 Plymouth Rd
Livonia, MI 48150
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